Sunday, October 08, 2006

Breaking News:Torre to be fired and replaced with Pinella

Just got the early word on Sportscenter that the aftermath bloodbath in the Bronx has already begun.

Manager Joe Torre will reportedly be fired by Stankee owner, George Steinbrenner today and replaced with former Stankee great and Devil Rays manager Lou Pinella. Pinella has been out of baseball for a year since the D-Rays bought out his contract, and it has long been rumored that he was just biding his time in the broadcast booth and on the links until the New York job opened up.

Well all it took was a second consecutive first round exit by the $200 million men to get an itchy Georgie to pull the trigger. It's ironic because by all accounts Torre did one of his best jobs managing this season, bringing the depleted Stankee squad back from early-season woes and getting them to win the AL East and have best record in baseball despite missing numerous key players (Matsui, Sheffield, Pavano, Cano) to injuries for lengthy peroids.

But 6 years without a championship was too long for Steinbrenner to stand for, and changes had to be made. Not that it was Torre's fault, but perhaps it's best for both sides if they part ways.

The rebuilding process has already begun just hours after the Stanks humiliating loss to the Tigers. Next on the chopping block: scapegoat/headcase/multimillionaire bust ERod and his fragile psyche and prima dona ways. Although Sweet Lou did have him in Seattle, so maybe they can work something out. Maybe Lou can fight his battles for the blue-lipped basket case.

But my advice to you, Georgie: look in the mirror- Torre is a great manager who could coax the most out of both the superstars and the role players and he had the love and respect of all his players, something that can't be said for the irascible Pinella. And if you think you can just cut & paste the best players from every other team onto yours and create the ultimate Superteam, well obviously your diabolical plan isn't working. Look in the mirror old man.

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