Friday, December 22, 2006

Bowl scoreboard: 0-2 and getting worse

Pioneer PureVision Las Vegas Bowl
BYU 38, Oregon 8
MY PICK: BYU 33-31
MY REC: 0-2

This is how bad of a gambler I would be:

Two bowl games are in the books and my picks, both of which I said would keep the games close, have lost by a combined score of 75-15.

Yep, can I pick 'em or what?!

Last night it was the Mormans vs. the Ducks in the Pioneer PureVision Las Vegas Bowl in Sin City. I know, those freakin' Mormons love their slots. I knew BYU was the superior team, but much like with my heart bet, this time I went with my 'clouded logic' bet.

The clouded logic bet consists of me trying to rationalize why the superior team is not going to win the game even though I believe it is going to win.. In this case all signs pointed to a big BYU win- better offense, better defense, 9 game-winning streak- yet I chose Oregon to keep it close despite the fact that it gave up 100 more points than the Cougars in the regular season.

BYU proceeded to tear the Ducks a new airhole in a 30-point win that wasn't even that close. QB John Beck (28-46, 375 yds, 2TDs, 2 INTs) sliced up the porous Oregon D, and the Ducks couldn't get anything going on offense (260 tot yards compared to BYU's 548) despite rotating quarterbacks and having two solid running backs.

My theory? This loss can be solely blamed on these atrocious new duck lids Oregon was wearing for the game. Even the players were reluctant about sporting something on their head that looked like a Halo helmet pimped by the Need For Speed graphics department. (look closely for the flames.)

Anyway I fell to 0-2 in two games that I should have absolutely nailed. Can I make it an o-fer-3? I'm going to abide by the lessons learned that I already know but pay no attention to:

1.) don't bet with my heart

2.)don't use clouded logic- go with the team that looks like it should win.

Let's see how I do with tonight's game.

Bowl # 3
R & L Carriers New Orleans Bowl
Rice (7-5) vs. Troy (7-5)
LINE: Rice -5 1/2

Need to Know:
Rice rebounded from years of futility to qualify for its first bowl game in 45 years under energetic coach Todd Graham. The Owls lost its first four games but is currently in the midst of a 6-game winning streak.

Troy has only been a 1-A school since 2001 and although it is located in a tiny southern Alabama town it led the Sunbelt Conference in attendance. The Trojans bounced back from a 1-4 start to
win 6 of its last 7 games.

Players to watch:
The Owls are led by the trio of QB Chase Clement (1,707 yards, 21 TDs, 5 INTs), senior RB Quinton Smith (1,092 yards rushing, 10 TDs) and WR Jarrett Dillard (1176 yards, 20 TDs.) Dillard led the nation in TD receptions and has a great chemistry with fellow San Antonio native Clement.

Troy gets its spark from QB Omar Haugabook, a junior who had 2,184 yards passing, 217 yards rushing and 21 combined TDs. But the Troy offense was ranked 80th nationally in total yards/game and 64th in points scored, so he will have to be spectacular in order for the Trojans to have a chance.

TRIVIA: The Owls had a player (freshman CB Dale Lloyd) collapse and die this season the day after it lost to Florida State 55-7 on Sept 23rd. Since then it has gone 7-1 and has averaged 34 PPG.

MY PICK: All the experts and all logic points to a Rice win. It has the better talent, a better winning streak and more reasons to win this one. Plus Troy, is, well, Troy.
Rice 34, Troy 17

NFL: Green Bay 9, Minny 7 , fans 0
MY PICK: Packers 35-11

So much for Favre breaking the touchdown record against a horrible pass defense. The NFL Net presented yet another mind-numbing Thursday Night Yawner that fortunately nobody in the country got to see.

For the record in the five Thursday games that have aired on the network so far a grand total of 137 points scored have been scored, for an average final score of 14-13. Oh if only the games had been that exciting.

The latest snoozefest featured a feeble Packer offense unable to generate any scoring chances against one of the worst passing defenses in the league. Not to mention the fact that the Vikes started undrafted rookie QB Tarvaris Jackson, who put forth a stellar 10-20, 50 yard, 1 INT effort.

Too bad Old Man Favre and his "best team ever" could only amass 7 points despite rolling up 273 yards in the air and 319 total yards. How bad was this game (for those unfortunate enough to see it)? Minnesota had only 104 total yards and 3 first downs yet led 7-6 going into the 4th quarter. Yikes.

If this was Favre's last game in Lambeau, boy did he go out smelling like Limburger.

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