Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Holidays from the Bostonian

Twas the night before Christmas and throughout the NFL
Not a player was stirring, not even Terrell
Four playoff spots still hung up in the air
With a plethora of teams fighting for a share

LaDanian Tomlinson was nestled all snug in his bed
With visions of the Super Bowl MVP trophy dancing in his head
But for Ocho Cinco, Eli, Mike Vick & Big Ben
Their nights were filled with what ifs & what coulda beens

When all across the league there arose such a clatter
Tank Johnson left the club long enough to see what's the matter
Into the street he flew like a flash
Where the cops were just waiting to bust his sorry ass (again)

The moon was illuminating the new Denver snow
Where the Bengal’s playoff hopes had just suffered a devastating blow
Right before their eyes overtime would appear
But a botched extra point kicked those dreams in the rear

And who will win the tough NFC East?
The Cowboys host Philly in a Christmas Day feast
More better are the Eagles ever since Jeff Garcia came
And I can’t wait to see if he calls T.O. and if so by what name?

No New York, no Atlanta, no Buffalo and Cincy
You guys missed the playoff boat so its time to get busy
Cleaning out those lockers and making those plans
For where you will go to get your sweet tans

And then on I heard what must be truth
Favre wants to come back next year even though he’ll be older than Dr. Ruth
Who are we to begrudge him if he wants to hang around
But if he breaks the touchdown record playing for Detroit would it make a sound?

And what of Tom Brady, the best in the league
Must he date starlets to get credit for what he achieves?
He carries the Pats, flung up on his back
But he never gets proper respect because he doesn’t have “the stats”

No those go to Peyton, but his statistics are so very
Meaningless if he can’t win a friggin’ game in January
His big wide mouth grinning that goofy sheepish grin
While he hawks every product from phones to Wheat Thins

Joining Brady & Manning in the playoffs will be Rivers & McNair
All more than capable of getting their teams there
As for the NFC the pickings are a bit more slim
After Brees & Romo you have Hasselbeck & Grossman

But no matter what happens it's been a great season
And these NFL players always give us fans reason
To watch all the games whether on Sunday, Monday or Thursday night
Merry Christmas to all
And may Vinatieri’s next potential game-winner miss, wide right

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