Thursday, December 14, 2006

Matsuzaka signs for 6 years, $52 mil

Welcome to America. Do the computers over in Japan suck as bad as they do here?

I had a whole elaborate post written about Boston's signing of Japanese phenom Daisuke Matsuzaka.

Then my computer crashed and I lost it all.

I know, I usually do frequently save my posts during writing, but this time I got caught napping.

Following that turn of events, in order to squelch the desire to rip my monitor out and throw it across the room, I went to do some work to take my mind off this unfortunate event.

Instead of doing the post all over again, which was very clever and started with the phrase "J.D. who?" in reference to Dice-K's colossal contract taking Drew's frailties & huge contract off the minds of RSN, I am just going to move on.

Matsuzaka is a member of the Red Sox.


I'll elaborate later when my blood pressure goes back down.
(f-ing computers!)

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