Thursday, January 11, 2007

Beckham has $250 million reasons to love America

I thought I'd paraphrase that memorable line from T.O.-D.'s former personal mouthpiece/classless wench Kim Etheredge regarding the news that British soccer star David Beckham is bringing his metrosexual star power and alien wife, Posh Spice, to American soil.

Becks has reportedly reached an agreement with the LA Galaxy of the Major League Soccer for a deal worth an A-Rod-like $250 million dollars, American, for 5 years. Oh, so that's all it will cost to make soccer hip in the United States, a cool quarter bil and then cross your fingers that the man who can bend it with the best of 'em produces a walloping ROI?

With Posh's good buddies TomKat living nearby and Tom's kids immersed in the soccer world as it is, don't be surprised if you see a gaggle of little futbol fanatics wandering around LA wearing blue slacks with white shirts sporting a bald head and bugeye sunglasses.

Gotta go watch the Thursday Night Comedy Block on NBC-new shows all around. More later.

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