Friday, February 09, 2007

Anna Update

The comparisons between Anna & Marilyn are eerie

It's only fitting that the controversies surrounding Anna Nicole Smith's death are as bizarre and unbelievable as they were during her life. if not more so. Like the starlet she modeled her career after, Marilyn Monroe, Anna led a fast, flashy life and died a mysterious, tragic death before the age of 40.

Appropriately in Hollywood (Fla.)

While zillions of stories circle the blogosphere following the zaftig model's death yesterday afternoon many have proven to be the result of rumors and speculation. Almost anyone could have predicted the circus-like atmosphere that is shrouding her death because the woman lived in a constant such state, but the shit that has been coming out since her demise sounds like fodder for pulpy paperback novels and E! True Hollywood stories.

A few of the items that have come forth in the past 28 hours include the police verifying that prescription drugs were found in Smith's hotel room but not any illegal drugs, as had been reported on many sites, and no prescription drugs were found in her stomach, according to results of her autopsy. Also her strange (not estranged, the dude is just odd) husband Howard K. Stern is reportedly the executor of Smith's will, which would make it tricky for him to collect any possible financial windfall the SC might award due to the fact that one person cannot be the executor and beneficiary of a will. Sucks to be you, Howie!

Anna's daughter Dannielynn is the likely bene-ficiary due to the passing of her son Daniel, and depending on who is determined to be the girl's father- Stern or former Smith boyfriend Larry Birkhead- will decide which man gets to cash in his golden ticket.

Which brings me to the oddest part of this wild odyssey; someone else has thrown his hat into the ring of fire that is the paternity issue of little Dannie-lynn, and this guy ain't a photographer, a lawyer, or a octogenarian billionaire. No, this one is a prince. Or at least a wannabe prince. Prince Frederick von Anhalt, better known as Zsa Zsa Gabor's (yes, she's still alive & kicking at 90) 65-year-old husband, is now claiming that he fathered the 6-month-old baby because he had been having an affair with Smith for at least a decade. Excuse me?! What the f**k is that all about?!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder.

Other developments include Anna's mother, Virgie Arthur, arriving in the Bahamas to begin looking into who will take custody of the baby; news that Stern & Smith had bought a 39-foot boat in Florida and that they were planning to take it home to the Bahamas today; and G. Ben Thompson, another rich old dude Smith hooked up with, arrived in the Bahamas as well. Not to check on the baby's well-being, but to change the locks on the house Anna had been staying in for the past 6 months. Why did he do that? Because he owns the property and had been haggling with Smith to vacate the premises for months before her death.

All of this has happened in a little over 24 hours.

I shudder to think what lies ahead in this sad, sordid saga.

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