Friday, February 02, 2007

How low can C's go?How 'bout 14 "L"s in a row.

Get rid of that look, guys, 'cause Larry Bird isn't coming through that door anytime soon. Neither is Kevin McHale or The Chief, either.

Please don't look, Red. Put down the cigar and get back to the conversation you are probably having with Wilt, Albert Einstein and Dr. James Naismith. And whatever you do DON'T pay any attention to the team you helped nurture from an NBA infant into a Green-clad dynasty.

The Boston Celtics lost its franchise-record 14th con-secutive game tonight, 100-89, to the Los Angeles Clippers (24-22) at TD FleetNorth Bank Garden Center. Think about how sad this is: not only are the C's (12-34) far, far below the level of the Lakers (28-19), the team that trounced them Wednesday night, but now Boston is failing at just being on a level with the friggin' Clippers.

How bad is this injury-riddled installment of the Green Machine? On top of the barrel-scraping record, which is currently slightly (1 loss) better than Memphis', they have now lost 11 in a row at the TDFNBGC to run their home record to 4-19 and have a horrendous 2-20 record since star Paul Pierce went down with a foot injury in December.

The only good news for Celtic Nation? Kevin Durant had a No.1 draft pick-like 37-point, 23-rebound performance against Texas Tech the other night.

So we got that going for us.

BTW, good related piece here by the Sports Guy, who says it's okay to wish for your team to tank it in order to get the number 1 pick. I disagree. Remember what happened to Pitino in 1997?

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