Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Picture Post: Springtime in Florida

After two weeks of near non-stop basketball coverage I decided now is a good time to take a break from the NCAA tourney and cover something different.

And since I just happened to attend a couple of spring training games recently, as well as that trip to St. Augustine with my son last week, I figured why not do a picture post featuring some of the glorious spring sights of FLA; it's interesting, it's informative, IT'S EASY!

Jays vs. Rays, 3-27-07:

Rays manager Joe Maddon informing the press that he will consume a different brand of wine after each loss

Japanese import Akinuri Iwamura doesn't exactly draw a Dice-K sized media contingent...

...and will someone please get the guy a step stool!?

" Hey, Delmon, you think you can put in a good word for me with management?"

Elijah Dukes may get in a lot of trouble, but I certainly wouldn't mess with him- dude is large.

Does this kid look like the next superstar shortstop to you? (Zobrist)

Despite the plebe number I hear that Carl Crawford will probably make the squad

Hmmm, I wonder where the hell I'm gonna play today? (Upton)

Jays vs. Tigers, 3-17-07:

A guy this big, smiling while wearing all green brings to mind one thing: the Jolly Green Giant

Alex Rios and the rest of the Jays stretch out on a glorious St. Paddy's Day in Dunedin

Have bat, will attempt to destroy any clubhouse

Lyle Overbay was kind enough to sign my son's program, right on his picture

St. Augustine:

An absolutely gorgeous view from atop the historic Castillo de San Marcos

Know your history, kids (and parents!)

The Fort courtyard

Henry Flagler's magnificent church...

...was built in 362 days...

...as a memorial to his wife and daughter...

...both of whom died during childbirth and are buried here

$30 million worth of Tiffany glass adorns the Flagler College cafeteria

I never knew they had Lego buildings in the Old City

A 600-year-old live oak tree sent my son into an asthma attack

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed it. More picture posts to follow.

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