Thursday, April 19, 2007

The new face of evil incarnate

As if to prove slaughtering 33 innocent college students and professors isn't the most despicable, evil, hateful and disturbing thing a citizen of the planet can do, twisted fuck/Va Tech killer Seung-Hui Cho actually filmed segments of himself addressing the world and attempting to explain the method to his madness in between his bloody rampages.

This bastard sent film, stills and a 1800-page manifesto to NBC news after he killed his first 2 victims and just before the maniac went into a classroom building and murdered 31 more people. In it he says that the rich and spoiled deserve to die, that "they made him do this", and that he felt Columbine killers Dylan Kliebold and Eric Harris were "martyrs"

As one expert on CNN put it last night, this case has become like the Columbine and the Unibomber all rolled into one.

And the world has a new poster child for pure evil.
My only question is "why did this fucking coward have to shoot himself in his hideously ugly face?" That was too good an ending for him.

May you eternally burn in Hell, Cho- 33 times over.

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