Wednesday, April 04, 2007

There is a baseball God! Extra Innings & MLB ink 18th hour deal

I just want to start off by saying "thank you Jesus!"
Diehard baseball fans prayers have been answered when it was announced earlier this evening that MLB has reached a compromise with cable carriers across the nation to allow games to be telecast on the Extra Innings package through the iN Demand service.

Up until a few weeks ago it appeared that transplanted baseball fans (see: your truly) would not be able to receive the Exta innings package through their cable providers anymore because MLB had reached an exclusive 7-year, $700 million deal with those bastards at DirecTv. The situation had reached a standstill, with John Kerry threatening Congressional action and MLB brass balking at the government interfering with their sport yet again, and most of the haggling was apparently over MLB's new 24-hour cable channel set to launch in 2009.

Without getting into too many specifics because frankly I don't understand them all nor do I care, the bottom line is the Extra Innings package will be available on most cable networks effective immediately, and wouldn't you know it's just in time for me to catch Dice-K's Red Sox debut tomorrow at 2:00.

Can I get an 'amen' from the Red Sox Nation?

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