Thursday, June 07, 2007

King James ready to take the NBA Finals by storm

New school LeBron and the Cavs take on the retro, Tim Duncan-led Spurs in a Finals straight out of an ABC Sports executive's wet dream.

You can bet Tim Duncan has heard enough about this dunk already.

The popular thinking among "those in the know" is that the veteran, savvy, playoff tested Spurs should have little trouble defeating neophyte Cleveland for its fourth title in nine years.

After all, San Antonio plays smart basketball, has a 1-2 combo of Parker & Duncan that's as good as any in the league, and will have Bruce Bowen & co. will clamp down on LeBron James like Mike Vick's pit bull on Paris Hilton's chihuahua, which will force the Cavs supporting cast to help win games without LeBron having to score 48 points every night.

Or so the train of logic goes.

But wasn't that what was supposed to happen in the Eastern Conference Finals, when the bigger, badder & more experienced Pistons were going to dispense of Cleveland in quick time in order to make its predestined (according to the 'experts') date with the Spurs in the Finals?

One historic performance by LeBron later and here we are, with James doing things at his age and experience level that have not been matched in decades, besides the run of Dwyane Wade and the Heat last season.

I believe the reason the Cavs have a chance against San Antonio is exactly why they were able to knock off the Detroit despite spotting the Pistons a 2-0 series lead- that youth, hunger and determination can sometimes overcome things like age, experience and the "been there, done that" factor.

Now do I think the Cavs are going to win the series? No. San Antonio is a much more disciplined and cohesive team than the Pistons, and you can guarantee that Bruce Bowen won't allow LeBron any unchecked jaunts to the basket like Detroit did numerous times in that fateful Game 5.

But I do think that they've got a shot at winning it, and with LeBron James on the court, that one shot can sometimes be good enough to get it done.

Just ask Rashweed Wallace.

Because sometimes the upstarts are ready to unseat the higher ups.

And let a new kid take the throne.

MY PICK: Spurs in 7

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