Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2008 Academy Awards: Best & Worst

Now that the hype has died down, it's time to look at who the real winners and losers were at the 80th annual Oscars

No beating around the bush here. This is my assessment of what went right and what went wrong at the Oscars Sunday night. (Note: click on post title to properly view all links)

Best Appearance, Women
(not just best dressed, but encompassing the whole she bangs)
1.) Katherine Heigl
I don't think the Grey's Anatomy hottie ever really looks bad, but she nearly set the red carpet on fire with this stunning old Hollywood glam look
2.) Kristen Chenowith
Didn't really know much about her before the ceremony, but now I know one thing: I'm going to start watching that quirky "Pushing Daisies" show from now on. Va. Voom.
3.) Marion Cotillard
Many people have trashed the Best Actress winner for this mermaid-meets pillow top gown, but I give her credit for being one of the few actresses to try something daring; she also gets bonus points for being drop dead gorgeous
4.) Laura Linney
She's not a glamorous young starlet, or an eye-popping show-stopper, but she's cool, she's clean, and she's classy. Nothing wrong with that.
5.) Jen Garner
I'm normally not a fan of this mousy maven, with her uni-lip and chest of a 12-year-old boy, but this might be the best she ever looked. Perhaps it was because she was sans Ben?

Best Appearance, Men
(as always, this list was compiled with help from the wife)
1.) The Rock
He's big. He's brawny. He's got an impeccable smile. Did I mention he's big? Cause the women sure did it enough!
2.) George Clooney
Although he was snubbed for his portrayal of Michael Clayton, he was on nearly every expert's "best dressed" list
3.) Patrick Dempsey
While the chicks continue to swoon over Dr. McDreamey, I still can't get the image out of my mind of him as the scrawny star of terrible teenage coming-of-age flicks. But I guess now he's the Woo Woo Man.
4.) Steve Carell
He just looks like he was made to wear a tux. Maybe it's the Michael Scott side of him.
5.) Javier Bardem
The wife chose P. Diddy for her 5th pick, but I say "Xavier" went a long way towards making people forget about that horrid Anton Chigurh hairdo, so he gets my vote

Worst Appearance, Women
Tilda Swinton
This was the no-brainer of the night. What is this chick thinking? I mean she's ugly enough when she tries to look good, but was she purposely trying to look like a cross between Carrot Top and Steve Buscemi?
2.)Diablo Cody
Just saw Juno and it's a great flick, but please, you're not a stripper anymore, so drop the tawdry togs and tasteless tats and try to get a bit of what you obviously haven't found yet-class. Oh, and it was just a matter of time before these leaked out. You know what they say, you can take the girl out of the strip club...
3.)Rebecca Miller
I guess you can't really blame her since her husband's one of the worst dressed as well, but isn't the woman supposed to have better taste than the guy?
4.)Jennifer Hudson
As if last year's foil wrap wasn't bad enough...
5.)Kelly Preston
Look I love this woman--met her once and she was beautiful just wearing a sweatsuit--but she went from a leopard print to an apricot. Dial it down, Kelly, and you'll be fine. Maybe try the sweatsuit?

Worst Appearance, Men
1.)Daniel Day-Lewis
This regular Oscar contender and 2-time winner is also a perennial lock for this list. Bonus points for clinching the Worst Dressed Duo award with wife Rebecca Miller
2.) Viggo Mortensen
He looked like he forgot his role as a mean Russian mobster in eastern promises was just a character. The beard, the coat, the horror!
3.)Johnny Depp
It's not even fun to make fun of his look anymore. Like Day-Lewis, he obviously enjoys looking like a wacko/geek
4.)John Travolta
The tux was okay, but this man-kissing Sino was rockin the worst 'do this side of a chia pet. Maybe his follicles will make a comeback like his career once did
5.) Tilda Swinton
Wait, she wasn't trying to look like a dude? Never mind.

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