Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Dark Night: Pats' dreams of perfection gone in less than 2:00

Super Bowl XLI:
NY Giants 17, New England 14
: Eli Manning

Ding dong the dynasty is dead.

With history on the line and immortality within reach, the New England Patriots fell short in its quest for a fourth title in 7 years tonight in Glenadale, Arizona.

Eli Manning led the Giants on a miraculous last-minute drive, highlighted by an epic escape from pressure that resulted in a huge 3rd down completion, and when Tom Brady's heave on 4th & 20 from the Pats 16 fell short with :02 seconds left, the world came crashing down on a legion of fans up to its earholes in cockiness and condescention for the last 12 months.

Let the onslaught begin.

No escuses, either, the Pats just got whipped. It was a perfect shitstormn of poor play calling, bad passes, stupid penalties, a piss-poor offensive line and a zillion missed opportunities on defense.

Was it just me or did New England's D look to be an average of 105 years older than New York's D, save for that last drive when Adelius Thomas finally showed up and played like a man possessed for about three plays.

Right now I can't even write a comprehensive sentence, so I'm gonna go drown my sorrows, sleep it off, and come back tomorrow with plenty of insightful commentary regarding the next titanic collapse chapter written in the log of New Engldand sports lore.

Should be a fun day at work tomorrow.

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