Saturday, February 02, 2008

SB XLII Notes: Hateriot Nation in full effect

As gametime gets closer, the New England haters have come out in full effect. We say: Bring it on!

Walking to the copy machine at my office I've heard it about 100 times over the past two weeks.

At my son's Little League ballfield, more than one parent has made the comment in some form or another, with varying degrees of vileness or matter-of-factness.

Log on to any (non-Boston) sports blog and you have to shield your eyes from the shitstorm of hate blowing full-force in Patriots' fans direction from every comment board and Super Bowl post.

And to top things off, when I picked up my copy of the St. Pete Times sports page yesterday morning I was even greeted by a 1000-word column stating what I've known to be obvious from many first-hand experiences:

Yup, the country's number-one passtime right now appears to be New England bashing.

"Hope the Pats lose."

"They're gonna lose you know."

"The Giants are gonna take the Pats down!"

...and the ever popular...

"Fuck New England!"

Been there, heard that, can't wait to buy the DVD.

The funniest thing about all this animosity towards the Greatest Team of All Time and fans of the Hub of the Sports Universe in general is that the more you idiots hate us, the better off we feel. It means our team is beating the shit out of eveybody, including the team of said bashers, and rater than ignoring it, we are friggin' eating up all this vim & vitriol coming our way.

Like Bostonians can't take a little namecalling, fighting and hatred? We're fucking bred on that stuff, morons.

So keep the hate coming. We don't want the pity and the sympathy and the chraity that comes with being fans of a pathetic, unlucky, and/or bumbling organization.

We'd rather feed off the hate, revel in it, until we're so full of happiness and championship trophies that every sports fan in the country hates our very existence.

I guess we are turning into the Evil Empire II.

Oh well.

Coming Tomorrow: SB XLII Prediction

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