Thursday, March 20, 2008

Start the Madness! The NCAA Tourney is upon us

Contrary to popular belief and going against a legendary yule time song, this is the most wonderful time of the year.

St. Paddy's Day just ended, Easter is coming up this weekend, spring begins today (and if you happen to live in Florida, hail the onslaught of spring breakers), the start of the baseball season is just around the corner, and the annual bracket-fest known as March madness gets underway as the NCAA basketball tournament tips off today.

I think that beats a single winter-time holiday in my book.

Amidst all the warm weather (again, only if you live here) and thawing good spirits there will be millions of budding bracketologists wagering a solid $20 spot in the hopes that their monumental upsets come in, giving them the big push they need to take home the crown of King (or Queen) of the Office Pool.

Unless you're one of the millions who never picks the right upsets and sees their top pick lose in the Sweet 16 or earlier.

Like me.

But either way this is certainly a fun time on the calendar. I love seeing the people who skip work or take LONG lunches in order to catch that all-important 15-2 match up, or better yet the diehards who just hunker down on the couch for about 64 hours on the first four days of the tourney until they start to resemble the woman who got stuck to the toilet seat. They are the ones who make this time so special.

So embrace the atmosphere, soak up the sun (again, FLA residents & tourists only), and enjoy the best damn 30-day period on the calendar.

And if you really need something to smile about, check out my picks after the jump.

Sweet 16:
-N. Carolina v Notre Dame
-Louisville v Tennessee
-Kansas v Villanova
-Kansas St. v Georgetown

-Memphis v Pitt
-Stanford v Texas
-UCLA v Drake
-Purdue v Duke

Elite 8:
-N. Carolina v Tennessee
-Kansas v Georgetown

-Pitt v Texas
-UCLA v Duke

Final 4:
-Tennessee v Kansas
-Texas v UCLA

Championship Game:
-Tennessee v UCLA

National Champs:
Tennessee Vols

Okay, you can stop laughing now!

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