Thursday, April 17, 2008

Call me the 40-Year-Old Uncle

Welcome to motherhood, Sis.
Sincerely, Uncle Jeff

My sister Melissa and her hubby Paul welcomed little Luke Franklin Starke into the world on Tax Day, ironically just around the time Jason Varitek hit a game-winning homer for the Sox (coincidence? I think not), making me an uncle for the very first time at the tender age of 40.

Not that this is an exceptionally unusual occurrence, but the funny thing about it is that my 11-year-old son has been an uncle for almost three years now, giving him a considerable head start in the uncle biz over his old man.

But like I always say, better late than never, and with that in mind I am quite proud to join the club that includes these notable participants:

-Uncle Buck
-Uncle Cracker
-Uncle Miltie
-Uncle Sam
-Uncle Albert
-The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

-Uncle Fester
-Uncle Ben

-Uncle Tony (shout out!)

but not including a monkey's uncle.

Because my cute new nephew looks nothing like a monkey.

Although I'm not so sure his uncle doesn't!

Congrats Meliss and Paul. I love you both, and all I can say is...


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Paul Starke said...

Thanks Jeff-- the boy's first words were either Big Papi or Big Poopi-- I couldn't quite tell.

He can't wait to meet his family in Tampa!

Love Melissa, Paul & Luke