Friday, September 08, 2006

Back to baseball: Sox take on K.C.

This article (click title link) in today's Globe by Gordon Edes is a brillant summary of what kind of season the Sox are in the midst of right now.

Not only are their own players suffering from ailments both serious (cancer & heart problems) and shaky (Man-knee's tweaked knee) but almost every player they've let go of in the past 2 years is coming back to haunt them. And Edes piece doesn't even mention Nomar, with his .308 average and Comeback Player of the Year candidacy or Pedro's dominating first half.

So as the lowly Royals trudge into Fenway for a weekend series that Boston needs to sweep to keep any playoff hopes alive, the team, the fans and the season are in a depression. Remember, the Royals kick- started this month & 1/2-long funk with their 3-game sweep at Fenway in early August. Although the core of the team has returned to the field, there is still the uncertaintity of Pap-elbon's shoulder, Schilling's pulled muscle, and most importantly Lester's impending chemotherapy.

Throw in a little salt on the GM's wounded trades, and as the offseason looms it promises to be a winter of discontent for many of those involved with the Olde Towne Team on Yawkey Way.

Tonight's game: vs. Kansas City 7P
Odalis Perez (5-7, 6.43) vs. Kevin Jarvis (recently acquired from Arizona; 0-2, 9.37- Yikes!)

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