Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Delmon's Dominating, Dmitri's Dumped

While Devil Ray rookie Delmon Young continues to make major league pitching look silly- he's currently batting .400 (16-45) after a 2-4 night in a win vs. the Twins- older brother Dmitri has reportedly been released by the Tigers.
Although Young spent time earlier in the season on the DL while being treated for alcoholism, Detroit GM Dave Dombrowski cited "strictly performance-related" reasons for the release, and Young left without talking after the Tiger's 5-4 loss at home to Seattle.
Both Dmitri and Delmon have a history of temperamental &/or abusive behavior, and it wouldn't surprise me if somewhere along the line Dmitri's critical views of the team and other off-field issues hastened this decision. Just speculation on my part but to release a guy who has hit 82 home runs and knocked in 267 runs for you since 2002 at this point of the season, right as they playoffs are about to start, well when there's smoke...

Who knows, maybe the Rays will pick him up to spell Travis Lee. If so, hide the women & children of Tampa Bay!

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