Monday, February 19, 2007

MannyBeingManny, Papa Brady and the NBA All-Yawn game

It's been a busy beginning to the week as the news wire is crackling with a plethora of interesting stories, some less earth-shattering than others.

The NBA All Star game was a complete dud; file that under the less-than-earth-shattering category. As usual the affair was nothing more than a glorified exhibition game featuring a zillion bad passes, numerous missed dunk attempts, plenty of solo showboating with zero defense played. Kobe Bryant took home the MVP trophy for the West in their 153-132 over the East squad thanks to his 31-point, 5-rebound 6-assist performance, which included no less than four impressive, crowd-pleasing dunks.

In other words the game just like every other game for the past 15-20 years. What, did everybody think that just becasue the game moved to Vegas that it would suddenly morph into a well-played, competitive contest? This game is what it is- a glorified exhibition game featuring a zillion bad passes, numerous missed dunk attempts, plenty of solo showboating with zero defense played.

The good news for the Association? No players were arrested and/or shot this weekend in Sin City. So the entire experience was a positive.

Also in the "less than earth shattering" department we have word that mercurial Red Sox slugger (it's a new law, we have to describe him like that) Manny Ramirez will...drumroll late to training camp. What? You're kidding me? I would have never believed it (please set sarcasm radar to high.) More surprising is the source of the startling information, via the Globe- Gascan Julie Tavarez.

Tavarez passed the word along to Red Sox brass that ManRam would be about a week late for camp due to his mother's pending surgical procedure. Nice of Manny to inform his employers by way of the tried & true "have my buddy tell them a bald-faced lie about my mother" method. Classy.

Let the circus sideshow that is Manny Being Manny begin!

Speaking of sideshows a story broke involving 3-time Super Bowl champ and God-loving Catholic poster boy Tom Brady yesterday that could finally put a dent in his once-invincible armor: his exgirlfriend, actress Bridget Moynihan, has let it be known that she is preggers with the potential next greatest quarterback in NFL history, spawn of Tom.
Yes Tommy Boy is going to be a baby daddy. Unfortunatey the couple has been split up for over 4 months and Brady has moved on to supermodel/DiCaprio throwaway Gisele Bundchen, so this triangle of intrigue is sure to light up both the gossip pages as well as the sports sites for months to come.

This is a huge story not only for Patriot Nation but for the sports world as well. How will the news that a successful, well-liked white athlete go over with the same public that has criticized African-American players who have found thgemselves in the same position- fathering a child out of wedlock? Or in Shawn Kemp's case, a dozen or so.

Not to mention the fact that Tom is a staunch Catholic, and unless the church has suddenly turned ultra-liberal I do belive they frown upon such acts of bastardry.

All I know is this isn't a good thing for any of the parties involved. Except the baby. He's set for life.

To quote Dan Patrick: " I always thought Brady had the best protection?"

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Anonymous said...

Tom "Papa" Brady is working on his resume so he can run for politcal office after his football days are over. Having a bastard child and sleeping around with many hot women should raise his liberal politcal stock in both California and the Northeast.