Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Breaking News: I've got a new blog

After my first 6 months as an active member of the blogosphere I have come to realize two things about my style:

1.) I tend to be wordy, as one reader was kind enough to point out after my 6000 word opus on the Academy Awards

2.) Unlike most blogs/sites, I cover a lot of topics. From awards shows to golf tournaments, and from movie reviews to football picks, I pretty much cover a lot of ground.

I'm still not sure if that's a bad thing, but one thing I did discover as I head into my first full baseball season as a blogger is that there is no way I could devote enough time, words and attention to my beloved Red Sox on this site and adequately cover my other interests as well.

My solution was either to trim the excess stories, and the excess verbiage in said stories, during baseball season and concentrate on the Sox, OR start a whole new blog dedicated to the Red Sox.

I think by the title of this post you have already guessed which option I chose.

My new, strictly Red Sox site is located called Curt's Bloody Sock, and it will feature game recaps, team notes, and plenty of Beantown-bred vitriol towards both the home team and its opponents. This way I can channel my diverse interests into separate entities instead of trying to shoehorn 10-lbs of crap into this 5-lb blog.

I am open to any suggestions and please feel free to comment on my columns. Or else how am I going to find out that my posts are putting readers to sleep?

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