Thursday, March 08, 2007

Set the DVR to Hyperdrive, Mr. Sulu!

Q- What's worse than having your right-handed son break his right hand?
A- Having your son break his hand when he is the star pitcher & hitter for his AAA Little League team.

Q-What's a good way to combat the disappointment over the injury?
A- Make the 4th grade Principal's list with straight A's

Yes my 10-year-old boy broke the bone between his pinky & ring fingers a couple of days ago and will be off the diamond for 3 weeks, leaving a major void in the lineup, rotation and our lives. Because I still have to coach the team, and it's just not the same when your own kid isn't playing. Kind of makes you feel like a perv, like "why I am here and I don't have a kid playing?"

Anyway the fact that he made all A's definitely took some of the sting off not being able to play ball (or write, do chores, bathe and just about everything else), but who we kidding- I am a dad. Of course I'm thrilled he's getting good grades, but it's 4th grade! I would rather see him fanning 10-year-olds, hitting line-drive triples and scoring a ton of runs than anything else at this age. Make Principal's list as a sophomore in high school, then I'm impressed.

Does that make me a bad parent?

Get well soon, son, and keep up the great schoolwork.

(awkward segue) There are plenty of delicious choices for your viewing pleasure tonight, whether you are a man or woman, sports fan or comedy lover. Let's take a look at what to watch (and DVR) on a night made for couch potatoes.

7:00PM- ACC Tourney: NC St. vs. Duke, ESPN2
The ACC Tourney invaded the Bay Area today, with Florida State knocking off Clemson by 1 point, 67-66, and Georgetown handling the Villanova Wildcats, 62-57. Tonight the Blue Devils take the court at the Ice Palace (I refuse to call the arena on the Hillsborough River the St. Pete Times Forum) for the first time since Gerald Henderson cold cocked, errrr, accidentally hit North Carolina forward Tyler Hansbrough with an inadvertent elbow in the regular season finale on Sunday. Duke has had a hard time winning games with all its offensive weapons, so this game will be a challenge for the 7th (!) seeded Devils.

Also at 7:00: Big East Tourney(ESPN); Pac-10 Tourney (FSN); SEC Tourney (SUN)

8:00- American Karaoke, FOX
Keeps the wife out of your hair while us men dine on a steady diet of conference tourney action; hubbies can pop in during commercials to see if Antonella Barba gets kicked off so she can answer her true calling- "hosting" soft core porn.

9:00- Scrubs, NBC
The medical comedy hasn't been at the top of its game all season, but with terrific episodes like the musical and the off-beat presentation of the comedy it's still worth checking out, especially for the awesomely acidic Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley).

9:00 Tourney games- ACC (ESPN); Big 12(ESPN2); Pac-10 (FSN); SEC (SUN)

9:30- 30 Rock, NBC
If you haven't watched this show yet, please, I implore you- CHECK IT OUT. The inside look at the goings on at a fictional NBC TV show is consistently funny, often hilarious, and seems to be gaining speed as the season progresses. Alec Baldwin is the core of the show, and his Emmy-winning portrayal as NBC honcho Jack Donagy is a treat for viewers every week. When he utters lines like this one, in reference to his mother "what the hell does she know, she's a Murphy; bunch of mud farmers and sheep rapists", well you let me know if the quality beverage you're drinking doesn't come out of your nose!

If you want to catch up on past shows, click here. Be sure to check out The Source Awards, the funniest ep of the season.

11:00- Late night tourney games
After the kiddies have gone to bed and the wife has sung herself to sleep humming the latest Idol tune we can get down to some late night conference tourney viewing. Catch the end of the last SEC game of the night (LSU v Tennessee,starts @ 9:45ish) and the Pac-10's Wash/Wash St rivalry game that kicks off at 11:00.

* My Name is Earl and The Office are repeats; you also have other shows to choose from like Survivor: Wherever the Hell We Are Now, Overrated Betty, CSI and Grey's Infighting, if you're a follower of any of those front-runners.

So crack open a bottle of your finest Donagy Vineyards and enjoy a full night of televison pleasure.

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