Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Me & my HD: Our 1 week anniversary

Yes ladies and gentleman, it's already here...

...the one week anniversary of me and my high definition television.

I know, I know, it's so annoying when newlyweds act goo goo gaa gaa, slobbering all over each other in public, and do stupid things like track anniversaries by the day, week and month instead of by years and decades.

Just cut me some slack, I'm still in that puppy love stage.

What I've realized after one week in HD TV Land is that there is so much more to the world of high def than just swapping out TVs & entertainment centers and pressing the power button on your new HD DVR remote. Well, on second thought, that really is all there is to it, but psychologically there is so much more to deal with.

Such as not wanting to go back to the "regular" cable channels, ever, and by regular I mean anything below the 600s, including basic cable, premium cable and digital cable channels. It just doesn't seem right; as soon as the TV has to adjust the screen for HD-deficient viewing, I begin to get weepy. When the blue light on my surround sound receiver goes off because I exit the 5.1 territory of HD for measly 2.0 standard audio, I start to get anxious and my hands get clammy.

The only way I can think of to combat this unwanted sensation is to stay in the realm of HD viewing, which with only 15 or so decent channels available in my area right now, is not always as easy as is sounds. But the best thing about HD programming is that there is a whole new world of shows out there that "regular" TV viewers don't even know exist.

Leave it to me to shine a little LCD light on the unexplored world of high def, with some highly entertaining top 5 lists (lists are in no particular order; it's only been a week)

*Best HD Channels:
  • ESPN- almost every major sport broadcast in 1080i all year 'round; 'nuff said
  • Discovery- undersea, outer space and inner earth, Discovery HD has it all covered while intimately immersing the viewer in each alien world
  • HD Net/ inHD- movies, sports, music and specials; these would be my "must-have" channels if me & my HD were Lost on an island somewhere
  • MHD- a better, more engrossing and totally reality show-free branch of MTV that features the best concerts, specials and original programs from the MTV family of nets
  • The 4 networks- what good is HD if you can't watch stuff like The Office, American Karaoke and March Madness in high def? Answer- still great, but not as great

Coming to the list soon: HBO HD- with new seasons of The Sopranos & Entourage bowing in April, this channel will certainly be climbing into the rotation

*Best HD-only Shows:

  • Hardwood Heavens (HDNet)- examines some of college hoops' most hallowed grounds, such as the Carrier Dome, Assembly Hall and Rupp Arena; a perfect appetizer for March Madness entrees
  • $2 Bill (MOD)- concerts with some of today's hottest artists like My Chem, Yellowcard, Fat Joe and Kanye West
  • Nothing But Trailers (inHD)- the title says it all; this show is a blessing for cinephiles everywhere
  • Life & Rhymes of:(MOD)- think "MTV Unplugged" with the heavyweights of hip hop such as Ludacris, Mary J., Fiddy, and Snoop
  • Andy Richter Controls the Universe; Greg the Bunny; Arrested Development (HD Net)- in other words, HD Net is the land where cult classics go after the nets prematurely cancel them

*Best things to watch in HD:

  • Hockey- all I gotta say is "ice, ice baby"
  • Golf- how green is your plasma?
  • Nature- anything, anywhere, anytime
  • Music- with the 5.1 surround kicking, it's like high def for the ears
  • Video Games- pop some Gonzaga 'shrooms and enter your own version of "Tron"

*Best things about HD:

  • the cool, R2-D2 noise the set makes when you turn it off & on
  • watching sweat actually bead up & roll off of athletes' bald heads
  • not having a 6,000-lb. entertainment center blotting out the sun in my living room (so '90s)
  • being able to hook up components without trying to attempt positions only triple-jointed humans can achieve

There you have it folks, a quick, all-encompassing guide to the HD world. Of course these are only my preliminary observations; I will have much more in the future, beginning on our Second Anniversary next Wednesday and every Wednesday for the next gazillion years...

I know, newlyweds are so sickening!

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