Monday, January 14, 2008

2008 AFC Championship Game: Chargers vs. Pats

San Diego stuns Colts, setting up a playoff rematch with the Pats, this time at Gillette Sunday's AFC Divisional Playoff Game was an "either/or" proposition for the New England Patriots and their ever-polarizing fan base:

either the Colts would win, setting up a grudge match rematch of their epic AFC Championship game of a year ago; or the Bolts would win, setting up a grudge match rematch of their epic AFC Divisional Playoff Game from a year ago. Not to mention it would also mean that Peyton's legacy would be back in its proper place -- playoff choker.

Either way, it was a win/win for Pats fans no matter how you sliced it.

Turns out Peyton and the beat up Colts were not as well prepared to defend their title as everyone thought they would be, and the listless Mannings dropped another big home playoff game, falling short of the big prize once again when they gagged to the Chargers, 28-24.

Christmas in January, anyone.

How else can you describe having the irritating, infuriating, self-promoting ADD-riddled quarterback with the goofy family and the toothy smile at home watching this year's battle for the Bowl instead of fucking with the Pats mojo during it?

And how do you explain our team getting another chance to elicit tears from the Whiny Bunch, a.k.a. LT, Merriman, Phillips and the rest of the crybabies from the left Coast, who still haven't stop bitching about New England players mocking Merriman's idiotic sack dance at midfield following that classic 24-21 comeback victory in San Diego last January?

Ho ho ho!

So the teams will meet again, this time in Foxborough, but at this point, does it really matter who lines up opposite the juggernaut that is the 2007 New England Patriots?

They've already beaten 4 of 5 supposed other "best teams" in the NFL this year --Indy, Jacksonville, Dallas and Pittsburgh -- not to mention already dismantled this very Chargers team, one that was chomping at the bit for revenge for that stinging postseason loss, back in Week 2 in Foxborough.

Throw in the fact that the Bolts are more banged up than Courtney Love after a 3-week bender, with QB Phillip Rivers, Tomlinson and TE Antonio Gates all nursing semi-significant injuries, and it shouldn't matter that we all know how hard it is to beat a good team three times in a row, should it?

Well, just ask the Cowboys about that one.

Go Pats. Kick the Chargers right in their whale's vagina.

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