Thursday, January 17, 2008

Could the latest episode of 'Randy Being Randy' derail Pats?

Answer: Not likely, but it sure could jeopardize his job security and impending payday

By now we all know the details that have made available surrounding the latest strange & scandalous story involving Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss.

But, in case you've been watching too much American Karaoke, here's a brief rundown:

Moss has been slapped with a restraining order by a "longtime companion" of his, who claims that on January 6th, Moss inflicted bodily harm on her and then would allow her to leave her residence to seek medical attention for the (alleged) injuries. The document also states that Moss has a drinking problem, and owns some firearms.


The episode quickly went from Internet rumor to full-blown scandal after Moss took to time out of his normally media-silent week to defend himself in an impromptu news conference at Gillette on Wednesday that had the feel of a future R. Kelly rape trial presser.

He claims that this companion was slightly injured during an act of "horseplay", and that he never tried to prevent her from taking care of her injury. It was all a misunderstanding. In fact, he professes to have "never laid a hand on a woman in his life", this coming from a guy who tried to run over a meter maid in Minneapolis.

Since then shots have been fired from both camps, with the Moss lawyers stating that he was being extorted by a companion of the companion to the tune of $500 Gs, and The companions firing back that Moss tried to blackmail them to stay quiet.

It's a classic, convoluted case of 'he said-she said', but let's get one thing clear: since no one wants to talk about what actually happened, and the women is being labeled a "companion", and Moss deemed the action an accident, we can all assume that this was some R. Kelly-related form of kinky sexual injury we're talking about, and not a full-fledged attack on a defenseless woman.

In other words, it's just another case of Randy Being Randy, which is evidently the mid-winter equivalent of Manny Being Manny for Boston sports fans.

But the big question is, will this distraction hinder the team's ability to obliterate every team in its path on the way to immortality?

And the answer is no. because nothing, not even the lead QB impregnating an actress and then upgrading to a supermodel, can prevent this team from accomplishing its goals. Especially not a minor flare up like this.

No, the question isn't whether Randy will go on to catch 10 passes for 150 yards and 3 scores on Sunday, the question is what this latest incident--and the pending outcome of any legal decisions-- could do to his status as an unrestricted free agent?

Over the last few weeks word was coming out that Moss, who took a major pay cut and a 1-year deal to play for New England this year, could command, or demand, $10 million a year for multiple years following his record-breaking 23 TD reception season.

But with another character blemish hanging over Randy's cornrows like a nagging bug, the Pats brass will have him right where they like all their star players not named Brady: over the contract barrel.

Good move, Randyman. Now go ring up that 10/150/3 game and continue to pray this issue all blows away.

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