Friday, October 27, 2006

Game 5 Preview

Game 5, 8PM FOX

Verlander vs. Weaver
Cards lead series, 3 games to 1

Rookie Justin Verlander, who was roughed up in Game 1, willtake the mound tonight for the Tigers in a possible elimination game.

Detroit manager Smokey Jim Leyland has had the Midas touch all post season long and has made what some are calling a controversial decision regarding tonight's starter. Rather than go with embattled Kenny The Cheatin' Cameraman Clubber Rogers on his normal 4 days rest, Leyland has elected to "keep the rotation intact" and stick with his hard-throwing rookie righty, despite Verlander's lack of top velocity and poor pitch placement in his opening game outing (5IP, 6H, 2ER). Translated that means the wily veteran manager doesn't want to throw his best pitcher in an elimination game on the road because the guy just got caught brown-handed cheating and he knows the atmosphere at New Busch will be hostile, even for those docile fans.

His reasoning is the Tigers have to win 3 games, not just 1, so Rogers should still get a chance in Game 6. Uh Jimbo, that's looking like a longshot the way your team is throwing the ball around the field like little leaguers and haven't even hit the new, slimmed down Pudge's weight.

The good news for Detroit is that the bats came alive last night (10 hits, 4 runs, 4 XBHs) and they will face Jeff Weaver the Underachiever tonight, so there should be more to come. But will Verlander be able to hold off the suddenly unstoppable Cardinal offense, or will he resemble the rest of the Detroit pitching staff this season- lost.

MY PICK: The Tigers have no quit in them, as evidenced by their skipper who supposedly had quit smoking years ago, only to have claimed to blow through a carton the other night. They will be ready to play tonight no matter who is on the hill, and I look for them to come out with playing no holds barred baseball. of course it will be up to Verlkander to rediscover his stuff and keep them in the game. Weather forecast calls for rain, but it did last night as well, and we all know the f-ing weathermen ARE NEVER RIGHT!

Tigers 5-3.

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