Friday, October 27, 2006

No more Baseball: Cards win the Series

The St. Louis Cardinals complete an improbable run to win their 10th world title, their 1st one since 1982. The forecasters were wrong. The meteorologists who predicted severe thunderstorms would interfere with Games 4 & 5 were proven to be what they are- liars. The baseballologists who predicted an easy Tigers Series victory (yours truly included) were dead wrong as well- 9 out of 10 "experts" on chose the Tigers as their champs.
But the Cardinals completed a near-miraculous run to the title, becoming the team with the 3rd worst regular season record ever (83-79) to hoist the championship trophy. Anyone else see the irony that they won it 2 years to the day that they lost the Series in a 4-game sweep by the Red Sox (was it only 2 years ago?)- cue the Twilight Zone music.

I will have a complete wrap-up of this game and the series tomorrow; I have to do a college football post and also have a Little League tourney at 8:30 AM, so it will have to wait. But the season is over, so there's no hurry.

No more baseball in '06. I know, everyone is really bummed. All 246 of us.

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