Thursday, January 18, 2007

Offseason woes plague Mike Vick. Again.

After a couple of days of entertainment news I am ready to dive back into football coverage. That way I don't have to mention that the newest installment of American Karaoke raked in over 38 million viewers the past two nights. Looks like everyone's real sick of that overblown hype machine, huh?

Ironically this story once again crosses from the sports world into the entertainment category.

'Cause when Mike Vick gets busted for doing something stupid, it's always entertaining.

Two years ago April Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was served with papers accusing him of giving his lover an STD. In that infamous affidavit the woman claimed that Vick would go by the pseudonym "Ron Mexico" whenever he went for his routine "what STD do I have this time?" tests.

Two years later old Ron is up to some new tricks, this time getting busted with what appeared to be a bong disguised as an ordinary bottle of spring water.

According to a Miami police report Mexico was going through the scanning process at Miami International Airport when he was asked to check the water bottle he was carrying. When he appeared reluctant to hand his prized bottle of Dasani over to the screener they immediately confiscated the container. Police found that the center of the bottle contained a hidden compartment that smelled like the maryjane and had a discolored liquidy substance in it- a.k.a. BONGWATER!

This latest faux pas even comes with a twist. Senor Mexico was waiting to board an Air Tran flight to Georgia- an airline for which Vick is a spokesman! Gives a whole new meaning to the "mile high club."

Combine those two incidents with Vick's now infamous one-fingered salute (not the one pictured here) to the home fans at the Georgia Dome following a loss to the Saints in late November and you've got a guy who just signed a $136 million dollar contract 3 years ago and now is more of a distraction/nuisance than the so-called quarterback of the future for the NFL.

This glorified running back is looking less like the future of the NFL or even the future quarterback of the Falcons and more & more like the future of a new Arena Football League franchise to open south of the border in 2008- The Tijuana Waterbongs.

AFC Championship news

It's looking like smashmouth safety Rodney Harrison will not be able to wreak havoc on Peyton Manning & Co. this Sunday. Harrison suffered a knee injury in the season finale against Tennessee and didn't play in either of the two Patriot playoff wins. He has been upgraded to doubtful but is not expected to play.

Harrison's leadership, knowledge of the game and bone-jarring hits will certainly be missed if he is not able to go on Sunday. But something tells me the prospect of lining up against Peyton the Postseason Pick King will enable Rodney the strength to give it a go.

Another note from Patriot practice is there appears to be a flu bug going around that has affected a few players including Game Savin' Troy Brown. Not too worried about that, though. If these guys can survive the Merriroid sack dance & the whining MVP they can survive a little influenza.

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