Monday, October 02, 2006

Recap of my 5 NFL Picks

I know this is the post you have all been salivating over- how did I fare with my NFL game day picks? Truth be told you could actually just peruse the newspaper or Internet, find the scores, then scroll down on my site and see how I did without me having to write this. But what fun would that be?! This way I get to gloat that I went 4-1, and you all get to rip me because the 1 game I was wrong about was my beloved Pats! I know, I'm an idiot. But at least I'm bringing you all joy.

1.) MY PICK: Cincy 35-27 SCORE: Pats 38-13
I already reviewed my pick and the game in my previous post, so I won't rehash that here. Just scroll down a little after you read this and find out what I said about the brilliant piece of reasoning behind my pick. It's all psychology, folks. Learn how to use it.

2.)MY PICK: Bears 21, Seahawks 10 SCORE: Bears 37-6
Wow, I was really close on this one until the Bears decided to act like they were playing against the 1995 version of the 'Hawks on Madden '07. It was 20-6 at halftime, and I figured that the normally conservative Bears would run out the clock for the entire 2nd half; you know, like they used to do. Ah, but this is not your grandfather's Bears squad. This team, behind energetic young QB Rex Grossman, likes to keep moving the chains & scoring by throwing the ball as well as grinding it out on the ground. Grossman (17-31, 232yds, 2TDs, 0INTs) was efficient and made some great passes early on to set the tempo for the night. Mushin Muhammed (1TD) is a proven clutch, go-to receiver for Grossman, but Bernard Berrian (3 recs, 108 yds, TD) is becoming the exciting deep threat that QBs love to look to for the big play; ask David Carr about Berrian- he was one of Carr's favorite targets when they played at Fresno State. Bottom line, the Hawks played much worse than I expected, and the Bears played much better than I expected. Either way it's a win for me.

3.)MY PICK: Ravens 19, Chargers 17 SCORE: Ravens 16-13
Whew, another close one. The Chargers actually led for a good chunk of this game and it looked the the same old problem was going to doom the Ravens again- too much defense, not enough offense. Baltimore's D held the high-scoring Chargers in check all day, allowing only 284 yards & 13 points to a team averaging 389 yds & 33.5 pts per game. yet they still found themselves trailing 13-9 in the final minutes, eerily reminiscent of games played in that 2001 Championship campaign-remember that horrid 5 game stretch where they didn't score a TD? But that squad didn't have Air McNair, a cagey veteran who never believes the game is over until the final horn. McNair led the Ravens on 6-play, 60-yard drive in the closing minutes, culminating in an awesome TD catch & run by TE Todd Heap. Heap broke free of a tackle by DE Shawne Merriman and plowed into the end zone with less than a minute to play. On the drive McNair, who hadn't done much to that point, went 4-5 for 43 yards and ran once for 12 in getting the Ravens within striking distance for the win. But as BAL safety and former Titan teammate Samari Rolle said of McNair, "There was no doubt in my mind we would win this game when No. 9 went out there. He's been through everything you can be through as a quarterback. He's been MVP. He's been in the Super Bowl. He's just got it." And Baltimore's glad they got him.

4.)MY PICK: Cowboys 34, Titans 13 SCORE: Cowboys 45-14

Yup, I was pretty darn close on this one, too. The return of the Diva Receiver may have helped Cowboys QB Drew Bledsoe and the offense, but it was wily veteran WR Terry Glenn who made the difference. Both guys caught 5 balls each, Owens for 88 yards, Glenn for 54. The difference was Glenn also had 2 TDs, none for T.-O.D. The other story here was the debut NFL start of Titan QB Vince Young. How did the Longhorn greenhorn fare? Just about what you would expect from a raw rookie who isn't used to the speed of the league yet. VY was 14-29 for 155 yds, 1Td & 2 INTs. LIke I said, typical for a rookie. What was not typical for a rookie was how he came out blowing kisses and waving to the crowd before the game. In fact, it kinda reminded me of...the Diva Receiver. Was Owens giving Young pointers in how to play the crowd? Let's hope not, and here's a little friendly advice,VY: wait till you've actually won a game before you start acting like that, okay kid. It just comes off better that way, trust me.

5.)MY PICK: Panthers 21, Saints 12 SCORE: Panthers 21-18
As much as I love the Saints and the wonderful story they are supplying this season, you had to look realistically at what they were trying to accomplish: go on the road after an emotional home win 6 days prior and beat a solid team, a Super Bowl contender, that sports a rugged defense and quick strike offense. A tall task for the Saints, and although they did indeed march into Carolina, they marched right out with their first loss of the season. Not that they didn't give the Panthers all they could handle; New Orleans lead 10-7 early in the 4th, but 2 long drives orchestrated by Jake Delhomme with help from Steve Smith (10 recs, 87 yds, 1TD) and Deshaun Foster (16 runs, 105 yds, 1TD) put the Saints away. A late 86-yd TD from Drew Brees to terrific rookie receiver Marques Colston made it a close game, and afterwards the Saints had to feel good about their effort. Especially knowing they get the Bucs, and rookie QB Bruce Gradkowski, next week at the Dome. "The Saints, are coming..."

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