Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rocket on 'Roids? Grimsley say yes.

The name Roger Clemens appears in an affidavit filed in the steroid investigation of former Diamondback pitcher Russ Grimsley.

Grimsley was busted in June when federal agents raided his home and discovered HGH, steroids and amphetamines. The disgraced hurler, who was suspended for 50 games by MLB and subsequently released by Arizona, has claimed that numerous players are on the juice, and reportedly named several that he knew of in a report filed with investigators.

Now sources have discovered that one of those names is that of the Rocket, a 7-time Cy Young Award winner and also his Astro teammate and good friend Andy Pettitte. Baltimore Orioles players Brian Roberts, Miggy Tejada and Jay Gibbons names appeared as well.

Speculation had been rampant recently that Clemens must be using something in order to maintain his velocity, stamina and quick recuperation from the grind of the MLB season despite being over 40 years old. Now we have an actual allegation by a player who obviously knows something about steroid abuse. What that will mean to the Rocket will have to be determined in the courts, both judicial and of public appeal. But even if he is cleared in a court of law and swears by his innocence, just the mere mention of his name in an official investigation puts the Rocket on a collision course with allegations that he will have to dodge for the rest of his career.
If he's smart he'll pull a Mark McGuire and disappear onto his Texas ranch for a long time. Like say 5 years, until his once guaranteed but now questionable enshrinement in the Hall of Fame
time comes.

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