Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hump day- what's on tap.

First things first- Little League game from 6:00-8:00. After that my wife & son will be beating a path back to our door to catch the results show of Dancing with the Stars. Last night my wife had to work the election coverage and she is pissed that she missed the extravaganza, when all three finalists tied with identical scores of 59. Actually she is pissed at me for not DVR-ing it, so I'm in the doghouse. What she missed was an inspired performance by Joey, top-notch steppin from Mario Lopez, and saucy & silky stuff from my man Emmitt. Plus we nearly had our first wardrobe malfunction of the proceedings. We've been waiting all season for that, and it nearly came to be when Joey's partner, Edyta, bent over backwards on their final number and nearly bent right out of her snug top, similar to this move by Mario & his "partner", Karina.
There's always tonight- that sticky tape can't hold forever.

I will be back in the sports den checking out a dynamite NBA doubleheader on ESPN- Phoenix(1-3) at the Spurs(3-1) at 8 followed by the Pistons (2-2 sans Big Ben) at the Kings (2-2 sans Peja) at 10:30. I'm interested in both games because the Suns & Spurs are both title contenders and the Pistons & Kings are both huge question marks following the departure of key players the past few years. Plus Eva Longoria could get more face time than boyfriend Tony Parker in the Spurs game.

But if that's not enough I will turn to either MSNBC for non-stop coverage of the Democrats storming of the House but not the Senate and the resignation of Secy of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, or switch it to "E" for wall-to-wall coverage of Mom-of-the-Year candidate Britney Spears dumping her freeloading husband K-Fed like she almost dumped her kid on this NYC street.

I can't get enough of either of those stories, let me tell you.

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