Saturday, August 19, 2006

Beantown Beatdown: Stanks pummel Sox again

Sox, Beckett fall to Stankees, 13-5:

As the old saying goes "the more things change, the more things stay the same." Saturday afternoon brought more of the same as Friday afternoon/night/early morning: the Sox pitchers getting hammered like tackle dummies, Judas Demon running all over the park like the old days (if you squinted you could almost see the flowing mane) but for the wrong side, and the Stankees asserting themselves as the dominant team in the AL East.
If there was any doubt as to which team was in control coming into this series, it has all been erased, as the Bronx Bombers (they earned that nickname this weekend) have TOTALLY ANNIHILATED the hometown team these past three games. How bad has it been? Check out some of these facts gleaned from the wreckage:

-Boston has been outscored 39- 20, outhit 43-32, and majorly outpitched and outplayed the entire series.

-The Red Sox allowed 12 or more runs in 3 consecutive games for the first time in their history

-Boston pitchers threw a total of 630 pitches in 3 games, an average of 210/game.

-Judas Demon has really laid the whipping on his former mates, to the tune of 9-12, 5R, 8RBI w/ 3 1Bs, 3 2Bs, 2 HRs, and 13B. Throw in a couple of great catches and providing the offensive spark that a team needs in a series like this, and he made his case that he was worth the extra year/$13 mil. And no, Beckett didn't throw at him.

-Combined line for the three Boston starters: 13.2 IP, 22H, 20ER, 14BB, 8Ks; Josh Beckett gave up a career high 9 walks today, and his ML-leading 32nd HR; Jason Johnson was designated for assignment after Game1 yesterday, and Jon Lester would be on the next train to Pawtucket if they didn't need arms so badly.

- Not only did Johnson get dumped after Game 1, but New York jettisoned Sir Sidney Ponson after his Game 2 performance (3IP, 9H, 6ER), and Rudy Seanez got designated by Boston after last night's game, making three pitchers who started the series in the big leagues but didn't have jobs before Saturday's game- welcome to "The Rivalry", boys!

- Bernie "Methuselah" Williams made a sliding catch to end a Sox threat and hit his 9th HR; Jorgie "Molasses" Posada hit a 3-run triple-WHAT?!

The bloops, blunders and horrendous aspects of this Beantown Beatdown are too numerous and poisonous to discuss any further. But two things are quite clear after all is said & done:

1. The Sox better gear up for a 9th consecutive second-place East finish year and focus on the Wild Card; they fell to 4 1/2 GB of NY.

2. Even IF they do make the playoffs, with the pitching the way it stands today, they would get swept in the Division Series like they did last year.

Thankfully, Game 4 isn't until 8:00 tonight,on ESPN; Mussina faces Schill, a battle of the aces. If Cap'n Bloody Sock can't put an end to this madness, throw this team on his back, and help restore some dignity to the franchise at this low point of their existence, then it's going to be a LONG 6 weeks in the Nation.

and I will be off to the Skyway!

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