Saturday, August 19, 2006

A day that will live in infamy

Sox suffer humiliating sweep, 14-11, in nightcap:

It's 12:52 am. WMP just grounded out to 1st to end the longest game in ML history (4h 45m), and this marathon day/night/early morning doubleheader is mercifully over. I really can't think straight right now. Game 1 started 12 LONG hours ago, and now 59 hits, 41 runs, and a mind-numbing 756 pitches later, the Sox have suffered a sweep of epic proportions. They had this one, I thought, and even started to write that in my post after the 6th inning; Boston had fought back to take a 10-7 lead and seemed determined to close out the split. But a 7- run 7th inning in which the Stanks batted around for the FOURTH TIME TODAY crushed all hopes & spirits of members of RSN everywhere.
When the dust settles the implications of this sweep could be huge. The Sox staff was battered around like a buoy in a hurricane, and the irony of it is that Tavarez and Foulke pitched the best out of everyone!
I can't even begin to analyze this debacle now; it's 1:10, so Game 3 is a mere 12 hours away. That is when Senor Beckett will take the mound for the Boston Boys, and he will have the full weight of expectations from the Nation on his shoulders. If he pitches a gem and brings the Sox back to 2 games out with 2 left in the series, he will be considered worthy of ace status again. But if he gives up 3 more gopher balls while lasting only 5-6 innings as the Stanks leave the Sox in the AL East rear view mirror, well things could get REAL ugly. Especially going up against the Stankee's version of Beckett (both highly- touted, World Series- experienced pitchers failing to live up to expectations), the artist formerly known as the Big Unit.

2 down, 3 more to go. But how much lower can the Nation go? More from this mess when I wake up (I wish this day was a bad dream)!

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