Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Letters from my fans

Okay readers, it's time for my long-running weekly segment: Letters (I can reprint) from My Fans:

This week's letter comes from someone who everybody in the Greater Tampa Bay Area knows and loves: Bay News 9 head anchorwoman Jennifer Holloway.

For those of you who don't know Jen (she lets me call her that), she is warm & funny, talented & stylish, smart & humble...hmm, am I leaving anything out...lemme see...oh yeah...

Here is what my Number One Fan had to say about the debut of my blog, through my wife of course (gotta keep it on the up-&- up):

I just checked it out!! It's really quite cool.
He definitely has a knack for writing.....I didn't get to read all the Bucs stories, but I"ll go back later.
Great job!

Since many of you out there don't know Jen, here is what she actually meant, which I picked up from her subliminal clues: "I know he's married, and I am getting married in the near future, but dear God I wish I had met that brilliant man about 10 years ago! "

It's always nice to receive kind words from others "in the business"(especially the hot ones). But Jen, hun, I'm sure once you are happily married, anchoring a network newscast and living the jet-setting celebrity lifestyle you deserve, you will probably forget all about me.

Until then, thank you, best of luck , and see you at the Christmas party
(wink wink).

Oh did, I mention that she is a great sport as well?)
Love ya Jen!

**click here to enjoy more of wonderful Jen on her website**

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Anonymous said...

Wow - you're so kind to say such sweet compliments! Most folks think I fit the sterotype of being a news lady...but those who know me understand I'm just a Georgia Gal with a heart full of Southern Charm! I'm also very blessed with friends like you and your beautiful wife, Teresa! Thanks again for the kind words -- I'll see you at the Christmas Party! And you better bring your camera!

~ jen