Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bucs setting football back 50 years

Ugly 14-3 loss to Atlanta has team searching for answers- and offense
Don't look at the final score and the fact that the Bucs only lost by 11 points. And don't look at Chris Simms' numbers (28-53 for 313 yds) as an indication that he played well.
Instead get a load of these numbers to understand where the Bucs stand after two inept weeks of football:

*3o6: total yards rushing by the Falcons, a new team record. Warrick Dunn, who wasn't good enough to play in Tampa , ran for 134 yds and Mike Vick, whom the Bucs usually corral, also rushed for over 100 (127 & 1 TD). In contrast The Bucs ran for 40 yds, 37 of them by Yugo, errr, Cadillac Williams. He now has 59 yds rushing in 2 games *3: the amount of points the Bucs have scored in 2 games, and that lone score came with the clock winding down in the 1st half. They also missed 2 FGs and had an INT return for a TD by DBrooks called back on a questionable block-in-the back call against Ryan Nece. Also the number of INTs Simms threw today, but it could easily have been 5 or 6 if it weren't for some drops by the Falcon D and one called back on a penalty.

*161: yds gained on 9 catches by Joey Remember me? Galloway after he had none last week. it's not often that you have a receiver go over 150 yds and lose the game and not score a TD

*382: total yds allowed by the vaunted Bucs defense, a unit that was No. 1 in the NFL last season. Suddenly the are looking very old, slow and confused. Throw in 78 yds on the INT returns and the Falcons ran around the Bucs to the tune of 460 yards. Not good.

*0-2: record of the Bucs, along with the other NFC South underachieving cellar-dweller Panthers. And with Atlanta and the Saints sitting at 2-0 the Bucs already have a big hill to climb to defend their division crown.

All I know is that I need to either get DirecTv or go to the local sports bar every Sunday from now on because I cannot bear to watch this team play any longer. It is actually painful to sit in front of the TV and witness this dreck. Two games lost by a combined score of 41-3 with no running game, a clueless offensive unit and an ancient-looking defense. And those Panthers come to Ray Jay next week, themselves having scored only 19 points in their 2 hideous losses.

Something tell me that seats will be available at the sold-out New Sombrero for the rest of the season. Any takers?

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