Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Papi hits # 50, but Sox still lose

Papi takes a curtain call after hitting his 50th homer of the season

What should have been a night of joy and celebration turned into yet another disheartening loss for a team staggering to the finish line of this massive disappointment that has been the 2006 campaign.

David Ortiz blasted his 50th home run of the season last night, a solo shot off the now infamous (not just for his name) Tampa product Boof Bonser that did what we expect from Papi- gave his team a (2-1) lead.

But that happiness was replaced with the all-too-familiar feeling of despair and crushed spirits when another familiar sight took place in front of 36,00+ pairs of eyes: the bullpen, specifically Craig "Hit Me" Hansen, gave up a 3-run bomb to Tori Hunter over the Volvo sign atop the Monster seats that helped the Twins to an 8-3 win which officially eliminated the Sox from the playoffs.

A bitter and ironic twist that a home run that should have meant so much ended up meaning so little in the scheme of the standings for the season. In a perfect nation, that homer would have been the game winner against a Twins squad fighting with Boston for the Wild Card, and Papi would have been carried off the field as the conquering hero who helped push his team into the post-season. Not even the return of Schill to the hill could make this night memorable for a win instead of just symbolic records.

But this season of miracles and milestone moments (Schill's 200th win, Tek's games caught record) has been reduced to just that- cheering for a momentous home run for the man who carried this team for so long that it hurt his heart. Congrats for tying the Sox single season HR record, Papi.

If only you know how bad Sox' fans hearts are hurting today.

Oh yeah, the Stanks clinched their 9th straight AL East title last night- by the Sox losing.

How fitting.

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