Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Power Outage

We just experienced a complete power outage here in the lightning rod known as the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Power surges are pretty common around here, but usually only last a few minutes. This was a full-fledged outage- everything dead, including AC. It only lasted an hour, but still got us thinking about what would happen if and when we do get hit by a hurricane (knock on wood.) I discovered it would suck. Bad.

But what made matters worse was our neighbor decided to use the minor inconvenience as an excuse to fire up his brand new generator, the one he bought in 2005, the Year of the 'Cane.

This is when I also discovered that people without generators (me) do not care for the people who do (him.) It's the time honored tradition of 'to have & have not;' and when it comes to hurricane preparedness, if you are a 'have', well things can start getting all Stephen King in a hurry. As in the rest of the neighborhood 'have nots' storming his lawn wielding sticks, axe handles and pitchforks and attempting to wrestle the beloved machine away from its pompous owners clutches, stopping at nothing until one of us can make sure that our steaks and cold beverages will suffer no harm.

But then it came back on.

Until next time, neighbor...

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