Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nothing Doin' Saturday

Last week's mega-hyped Separation Saturday featured a slew of ranked teams playing each other and a ton of quality games to choose from. This week, there's 2 games worth watching.
Well maybe not 2. If you are a true college football fan maybe you get in to the West Virginia/East Carolina tilts, or the always epic Marshall/Tennessee battles.
But for pure marquee value I only see two games on the board today worth watching:

1.) 24 Penn St. @ 1 Ohio St.
Jo-Pa takes his Lions to the Big Horseshoe to find out what all the fuss is about surrounding this years Buckeye squad. And guess what, Jo-Pa and the Lions are going to find out the fuss is about 2 legit Heisman hopefuls spearheading the Buckeye offensive attack. QB Troy Smith & RB Tedd Ginn Jr. are both elusive, creative and dangerous, and the Nittny Lions defense is going to be chasing their tails around all day. This looks like (another) rebuilding year for Jo-Pa
and the Lions, and the Horseshoe is no place to rebuild. Plus the Bucks want revenge for the loss last October in Happy Valley, the last time Ohio State has lost a game.
MY PICK: Ohio State, 31-20

2.) 12 Notre Dame @ Mich. St.
The Irish are reeling from the 47-21 beatdown laid upon them last week in South Bend by the Wolverines. But East Lansing is not a particularly great place to get healthy. Not when the Spartans boast Senior slinger Drew Stanton (22 TDs last year), a 3-0 record, and confidence from last years 44-41 OT thriller win in South Bend. Look for the Spartans to give the Irish D all they can handle, and I also look for another high-scoring, knock-down drag out affair. If the Irish lose again will the bloom officially be off the Charlie Weiss rose? My guess is yes.
MY PICK: Spartans 37- 31

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