Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jags dominate World Champs, 9-0

Roethlisberger did not like what he saw Monday night

Big a-Ben-dicitis was back for the Steelers, but it didn't matter. The way the Jacksonville Jaguars played defense tonight it wouldn't have mattered if Terry Bradshaw was back under center for Pittsburgh.

In an old-school smash mouth game the Jags took the Steelers out to the playground, pushed them in the sandbox and stole their lunch money. In the process they helped set a number of first & worst records: held the Steelers to their lowest rushing total (26) since 1982. Shut out a defending Super Bowl champ for the first time in 25 years (Raiders in '81.) And they contributed to the lowest scoring game in the storied history of Monday Night Football (36+ years & 540+ games.) Whew.

The Jags swarming defense not only stymied the ground game that Pitt loves to employ but they also battered Roethlisberger repeatedly and intercepted him twice, both by Rashean Mathis in the 4th quarter. Ben was obviously tentative in his first game back since undergoing an emergency appendectomy on Sept 3rd, and the Jags showed no mercy in mauling him at every opportunity. they're the champs-they wear the bulls eye.

A sign of what was to come could be found in the pregame intros. Instead of the tedious "player announcing what school he went to" and the inevitable responses of "Da U" or "Prescott Country Day School" (that stuff's tired guys), the new & improved MNF uses one player from each unit on each team to introduce his teammates. This has been providing some interesting results, none better than Jax LB Mike Peterson's priceless intro of his defensive cohorts:

"Welcome to Duvall (Co.). Prepare to be hit.
Physical defense, starting with the D line.
2 Pro-Bowlers- what else needs to be said?
Linebackers, 3 guys, they hit everything that moves.
Secondary, covers everything that moves.
What do you get? Complete defense.
Best in the league.
Believe it."

Oh we do Mike, we do.

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