Sunday, September 24, 2006

Adding injury to insult: Simms loses spleen

Buccaneer QB Chris Simms had to have his spleen removed after the Bucs loss to Carolina this afternoon. Reports as to when and how Simms was injured vary, but he was removed from the game briefly after a damaging hit in the 3rd quarter. He re-entered the game after coaches believed he was suffering from dehydration.

But following the game Simms was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa where his spleen was removed and he was given a blood transfusion. It has been reported that he is resting comfortably, should be able to go home in a few days, and should be able to resume his playing career.

That return might not take place this season, however. Peter King, the Peter Gammons of the NFL, has received reports from 2 physicians that state the estimated recovery time for such an ailment is 2-3 months. With that time frame that could put Simms back on the field in late November, early December, best case scenario.

But would it be worth the risk? Obviously he would not be cleared to play unless he was 100% healed. But with the season already in the tank and the team forced to go into survival mode at the QB position for the foreseeable future, what good would it do to bring Simms back this year?

It looks like all the Simms bashers who have been calling for his head will get to see what life will be like for this horrid team without the popular punching bag under center. And if they think that a rookie (Gradkowski) or waiver wire acquisition is going to do any better job than Simms, well I guess we're about to find out if there is any truth to that myth soon enough. Like 2 weeks from today when the Bucs return to action at New Orleans after their bye.

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