Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A new low for Sox: shut out by D-Rays

Rollover... sit... fetch... beg...
...Now play dead.
Good Sox!

Look, up in the sky, it's a Beckettball!
That's exactly what Boston did Wednesday night as they got steamrolled by the D-Rays, 11-0, Boston's 1st shut-out loss at home in 16 years, to a team that had won only 17 road games all season, 3rd worst of all time. Yes, those D-Rays hung an 11-spot on the once mighty but now just mighty sad Red Sox.
And guess who bore the brunt of the beating? You got it, Josh "I used to love him, but I have to kill him" Beckett, who allowed 8 runs, 8 hits and 2 more HRs in 6.1 IP; his final HR tally came to 36, and it is fitting that his final pitch of the 2006 season was a 3-run jack by Rhode Island Rocco in the 7th.

It really doesn't get any more embarrassing that that, does it? I am at a loss for words other than I, along with the rest of RSN, CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS STINKIN' SEASON TO END!

Of course the Sox brass had to dress up this stinker with yet another pregame tribute to soften the blow of what is happening on the field these days. This time it was a tribute to Johnny Pesky, where they OFFICIALLY renamed the right field foul pole "Pesky's Pole." Is this necessary? I mean do we really need to "officially" name something that EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD already calls it?! We do when the front office is trying to pull the old bait & switch with their sorry squad: hey, don't look at the Beckettballs sailing into the stands or the fact that we can't muster a run off a guy who hadn't won away from home since the Carter Administration (Tim Corcoran), look at our hero Johnny Pesky, or Jimmie Foxx's family, or Papi's banner, OR ANYTHING BUT THIS HORRIBLE EXCUSE FOR A BASEBALL TEAM!

Sorry guys, not buying it. What's it gonna be next, the "official" naming of the Green Monster?

We can't look either, Murph!

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