Monday, September 25, 2006

Sox limping to finish line

Another day, another loss, this time an 13-4 shellacking by the birds to the North, the Blue Jays as the Sox continue their monotonous march to the end of this miserable season.

The only highlight of the day was David Ortiz' 53rd homer, adding to his team record and keeping alive his campaign to be named the AL's MVP, a prospect that becomes slimmer with each Sox loss.

Lowlights included a screening of the Boston film Errors in the Outfield, as rightfielder Willy Mo Pena misplayed 3 balls and substitute leftfielder Youk misplayed 2 more in that corner. Miraculously only 1 of those gaffes went for an error, but it didn't matter as 4 Sox hurlers (Snyder, Gabbard, Delcarmen, Dinardo) combined to allow 15 hits & 13 runs in 8 innings.

It's abundantly clear that the team is playing out the string and cannot wait to go their separate ways as soon as the season ends on Sunday. Word is coming down that Man-knee has YET AGAIN requested to be traded, this coming amidst allegations that he has given up on his team with this balky knee injury the past month & 1/2. To which the Sox brass this off season will be very likely to accommodate him, perhaps even for .50 cents on the dollar just to rid themselves of the mercurial clubhouse presence once and for all. There are other hitters who can provide Papi with the protection he needs to do what he does (Carlos Lee or Aramis Ramirez come to mind immediately), and what they will gain by losing the sideshow that has become MannyBeingManny will be an invaluable addition to a team sorely needing a shot of inspiration.

Let the off season begin (please!)

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