Monday, September 25, 2006

Enough Already!

Just had to take a moment to say how very sick & tired I am of ESPN's beyond-annoying habit of branding each and every event, incident, day, or happening in sports with a slogan. At first it was cute and catchy, like College Game Day, Play of the Day, and Thrifty Car Rental Holiday Bowl Week.

But the past couple of years they have really gone off the deep end, starting with last summer's ultra-annoying '50 States in 50 Days', which was handily shrunk to '50 in 50' for marketing & logo purposes. Heck it even came with it's own aggravating jingle courtesy of has-been Canadian rocker Bryan Adams. By the time that Summer of Sam was over I wanted the government to step in and ban all future playings of "(life is an) Open Road (to me)"

And now the marketing maniacs in the suits in Bristol have gone all crystal meth in the nickname department, coming up with abominations like the Budweiser Hot Seat, Separation Saturday, Sportscenter's 30 in 30, and The Game Leading up to the Game that is Going to be the Game of the Year. Okay, so I made that last part up. But it can't be very far behind.

Step away from the slogans ESPN, or at the very least make them interesting, like my Kick-Ass Weekend in College Football suggestion.

Thank You.

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