Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pedro to miss 8 months

New York Mets pitcher Pedro Martinez has a torn rotator cuff and will undergo surgery that could sideline him for up to 9 months.

Coming on the heels of the news that Martinez would not pitch for the Mets this postseason due to a calf injury this is a shocking & devastating blow to the future of the Mets rotation heading into 2007, not to mention to their title hopes this year. Petey is already 35 and has been hobbled by numerous injuries this season, starting only 23 games for New York. Although he says he will not retire and plans to come back strong next year...

...c'mon, reality check time for Omar, Petey and Metropolitan fans: this is is the reason Theo & his henchmen didn't want to give Petey that extra year on the contract and let him walk after the Series. They and every member of the Nation knew he would never be healthy enough to see the field, at least with any hope of resembling his former self, in that final year. When he went 15-8 w/ a 2.82 ERA last year and then started this season 5-0, it looked like Theo & Co. had made yet another bad decision (see Demon, Judas.) But now that ole Petey is breaking down more than Dick Vermeil the move looks like a stroke of genius. You know, like the Theo of old- pre-gorilla suit.

So for $53 million dollars the Mets got a 24-16 pitcher in 54 starts, which if my horrible math is correct equates to nearly $1 million/start and over $2 mil/win; nice work if you can get it.
My advice to you Petey- take the money and hang it up. You earned it.

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