Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Beleagured Bosox continue slide, lose to Angels 4-3

Looks like a 3000 mile road trip and a different team did nothing for the quiet bats and battered psyches of this staggering club. They flew all the way across the country to sunny Anaheim,Ca. just to see the same results they had on their own field over the past weekend: no hitting (especially w/ RISP), bad fielding & baserunning, and getting outpitched-again-this time by no-name rookie Joe Saunders. Jeez. So I guess it wasn't all the Stankees doing- this team really does stink right now.
Anyway, it's now 1:20, gotta work in the morning, and I'm about to vomit into my RSN trashcan over this club. Eight more games on the West Coast? I might look like an extra from a George Romero movie by the end of this...full recap in the AM...

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