Sunday, August 20, 2006


As I mentioned earlier today, this night is shaping up as a wh opper as far as TV viewing goes.
For sports fans and non, here are my selections and suggestions as to what to watch tonight:


-8PM, ESPN: STANKS vs. SOX, GM4 In what should be the best pitching matchup of this series (not saying much), Mike Mussina (13-5, 3.54) goes against designated Red Sox Savior Curt Schilling (14-5, 3.83) at Fenway. Hoping to right the listing ship, Schill will once again try to shoulder the load of an entire staff, team, and Nation. Can he do it again? Fingers will be crossed.

-8PM, NBC: SEAHAWKS at COLTS If the Sox game isn't painful enough, fans can flip over to NBC and watch their former kicker, Adam Viniteri, kicking for Horsehead Manning and his band of fleet Colts. No Edge James for the Mannings this year, so we'll see how old "cut that meat" fares when he has to pass 95% of the


-9pm, MSNBC: WHO KILLED JON BENET? This case gets keeps getting stranger and stranger; now confessed killer John Mark Karr supposedly was going to get a sex change in Thailand. For all you reality TV fans, this case has it all and then some. Twisted but fascinating.

-10PM, VH1: Flava of Love This reality show is still one of if not THE best on TV. How can you top a woman pooping on the stairs? I'm not sure, but if I know Flave, he'll try. Once again, twisted but fascinating!

-10PM, Comedy Central: William Shatner Roast Now I know these things have fallen flat in recent years (Pam Anderson, anyone), but this particular edition is ripe with comedic potential. Shatner has become such a charicature and butt of so many jokes these past few years that he now revels in it, and this fete should take that humiliation to another level.

-10PM, HBO: Entourage Just 2 more episodes of the best comedy on TV (at least with "The Office" on hiatus) left, so buckle up and enjoy the ride. It looks as though the boys are about to branch out a little, and tonight's show, about Drama filming his pilot with "Eddie" Burns, looks like a classic.

So there you have it, a full slate of viewing this evening; lucky I have 2 DVR's (the BrightHouse Nation's version of TiVo). But weather you have DVR, TiVo, VCR, or just plain eyeballs, there is plenty to choose from tonight.

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