Monday, August 21, 2006

It's complete-The Boston massacre, part Deux

Stanks sweep Sox out of Beantown with quiet 2-1 victory:

The game came on this afternoon, and as I stated before, it was pretty much an afterthought;sure the stands were full, of course, but how many people gave their tickets to needy friends, not wanting to witness any more devastation?
I myself could not get into it- yes it was on every TV set in the house as I meandered around in a fog, mumbling and bumping into things thanks to my bloodshot, sleep-depraved eyes. But the emotion was gone, sapped by a long, lost weekend of pain and brutality reminiscent of an early Sopranos episode. When Boomer Wells took the mound, although I thought they would win, in fact guaranteed it, I was just hoping he would give them a chance, keep 'em in it, not let the embarrassment continue. Please, stop the violence!
Wells did do his part to restore respectability, giving a quality start with an impressive line of 7.1IP, 6H, 2ER, 1BB, 4K's. Very nice performance, holding the juggernaut Stanks, who had averaged nearly 12 runs/game over the 4 game weekend, to only 2 runs (might have had to do with the fact that Torre didn't start Demon - most likely to rest his sore legs, but whatever the reason, thank you Joe).
But wouldn't you know it, the Boston bats were silenced by the immortal Cory Lidle, the pitcher the Stanks acquired as an afterthought in the Abreu deal and who the Sox had persued. All he did was go out and throw 6 inns of 3-hit ball, with 5BBs and 5 Ks. And Abreu continued his weekend of pestering the Sox like a nagging sore when his RBI 2B put NY ahead, 1-0 in the 6th. Thanks to Boston's rag-tag bunch of beat-up hitters, all they could muster off Lidle and the NY bully was an 8th inn. homer by WMP off fireballing (100mph) reliver Scott Proctor.
Thus the devastating sweep was complete. The game was muted and uneventful, and so was the crowd. With all the damage having already been inflicted, it was as if both teams just wanted to get out of town (both had long flights to a West Coast road trip awaiting) and put this Massacre behind them. But it will be a weekend that will not go away for a long time for members of The Nation, and the wounds inflicted may take many months to recover from, as it would appear we're headed for a long winter.

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