Sunday, August 20, 2006

Say it ain't so! Rain, rain go away-quick.

Well things were looking good for the hometown team tonight: Schill was on top of his game(struck out Demon, Jeter, & Abreu) Mussina was not. The Sox struck first in the first with two runs courtesy of a single from Loretta, an error by Demon, an RBI double by Manny, and an RBI single by Youk. Plus Damon finally was retired to lead off the game, made the one error, & almost slid past the ball on another that could have led to 2 runs.
See, couldn't have been sweeter: early lead, Schill being Schill, Moose gagging like he always does at Fenway, and Judas looking like a buffoon (finally). So what happens? FREAKING RAIN STORM, WITH POSSIBLE HAIL AND HIGH WINDS, that's what! Tarp comes out, card tables go up, and the Nation holds its collective breath in hopes that Schill can return to the mound after the storm blows through (estimated 45 mins). Ay yah yah. We all know that after lenghty rain delays, it's like 2 different games being played in one night. The team on a roll loses the momentum, and the team that was staggering takes advantage of the break to regroup.
So it's 9PM, score is 2-0 Boston, top 3rd. Stay tuned....

... 9:47, and we're back, and Schill IS still on the hill (okay enough of that).. back to the action...

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