Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Help me Jesus, help me Tom Cruise..."

Saw this (click title link) on ESPN the other day and I about fell over on the floor. It has come down to this; not only are the Fantasy Football geeks (sorry Butchie & Paul) taking over the damn sports world from all of us normal fanatics and gamblers, but now WE'VE GOT TO SEE ESPN PERSONALITIES DRAFT THEIR OWN TEAMS? LIVE? ON THE ENTERTAINMENT AND SPORTS NETWORK? Funny, because I don't see this falling into either category- FF is NOT a sport, and watching these gleeks "choose their squads" is most definitely NOT ENTERTAINING!
It's bad enough to see Nick Bakay (the defending champ-ooohhhh), Jaws, Iwannakissyou Kolber, Ditka, Crack Pipe, Salisbury, Mort and Steve Young have their draft, but they actually had Peyton Manning on, musing about the possibility of a player not going for a TD in a game because he wasn't on his own FF Team, or something F'd up like that. It was like a bad reality show (as if there's any other kind).
All I know is that I hope this fad goes the way of Strato-Matic baseball and the Hula-Hoop, because it's making it harder and harder to remember the good ole' days of simply having to worry about losing a C-note on the home team.

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