Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Delmon Young makes D-Rays, ML debut

Troubled & talented phenom gets callup for tonight's game

This is what we here in Tampa Bay have been waiting for. A big storm is blowing into town, full of hot air and carving a path of destruction in its wake. And no it is not named Ernesto(Click the title link for Gary Shelton's humorous column comparing Delmon to a hurricane). No, the kid known as The Bat Tosser for his infamous heave of his lumber that struck a minor league ump, earing him a 50 game suspension has made the big leagues. Batten down the hatches!

Aside from the bat incident, this kid has been making waves in the Bay area ever since he was drafted with the #1 overall pick in 2003. I believe that because his big brother, Dmitri of the Tigers, was already a major leaguer, Delmon considered it his destiny to be here, and he immediately let everyone know it; he wanted to be in the majors from day one, never mind three years later. So as time went on, and the Rays continued to suck, and Delmon put up numbers at Durham and stewed, this whole situation blew up into a Category 4 on the Prima Donna Scale. After his suspension ended he told a USAToday writer that he and fellow phenoms BJ Upton and Elijah Dukes should already be with the big club, because they are like 30 games out of first and they suck. Plus the showers at Durham were horrible and the big boys shower with Perrier. Okay. Reality check time.

Now that you have finally achieved what you believe to be your birthright, young Delmon, you better be careful what you wish for. Because even in a non-baseball town, your actions and words have preceded your talents, and that will get you booed anywhere. So if you can't hit a curveball, or you lose a ball in the Teflon Trop roof, or you mouth off to one of your teammates or coaches, well good luck to you. Because humility can be a painful thing when you're having it shoved back in your face.

Good luck, Delmon; would you like a lemon for your shower?

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