Friday, September 01, 2006

Things getting ugly between Pats & Branch

The trading deadline passed at 4PM today and Deion Branch remains under contract with the Pats. Despite reports that both Seattle and the Jets had offered contracts to Branch as well as compensation to New England, in the end the Patriots' asking price was just too high- at least 1 if not 2- 1st round picks.

It's become quite clear that the Pats brass, as usual, is not about to buckle in this protracted standoff, of which there appears to be no end in sight. Talks have been stalled for weeks, and Branch is being fined $14,000/day. Now Branch and his agent have decided to persue a grievance against the Pats, saying they could have completed a trade but their demand for compensation was not in line with what other receivers of Branch's caliber had gotten in similar deals.

It would seem that this is getting very ugly very slowly, and with the season opener only 8 days away, if something doesn't get done soon it is going to be very shameful. To the Patriots and their fans, but mainly to Branch. Because nothing decreases your value more than inactivity. And right now Branch is even more inactive than Treadmill T.O.

Stay tuned...

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